Team Value Partners

An increase in value through management and organization. An extensive philosophy created with great commitment of the customer allowed for the achievement of a perfect result full of hidden symbolism and measurable value.
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Team Value uses their experience gathered over a dozen years in direct cooperation with owners and management boards of companies in building and maximizing the value of enterprises. They work with companies to define and implement long-term strategies of increasing value for owners, in particular in he context of preparing companies for sale or succession. The company specializes in implementing controlling models to improve a company’s operational efficiency. They implement effective incentive systems for management staff, in particular based on ownership participation (ESOP).
The shape inspired by the cross-section of the Great Pyramid of Giza. A symbol of the times, mathematical perfection and durability. Thanks to the solid foundations and well-thought-out structure, the monument has remained unmoved for over 4,500 years. It is the only surviving wonder of the world.
Blue is the coldest of colours. It is associated with open space, water, sea and sky. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was a symbol of the highest deities - Zeus and Jupiter. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli (a stone with a deep blue colour) symbolized heaven, the place of God’s abode. Statistically blue is the most liked colour of all. Having the shortest wavelength in the light spectrum, it soothes and evokes a sense of security. Dark blue is the colour of stability, wisdom, elegance, as well as space, possibilities and future.
Futura - geometric, sans-serif, one-element, proportional typeface designed between 1924 and 1926 by Paul Renner (1878–1956). The shape of the font was inspired by the Bauhaus design philosophy, influenced by Renner, and the universal typeface of Herbert Bayer - a student and lecturer at the Bauhaus university. Although Futura is not directly related to the Bauhaus, it was a manifestation of a new approach to design, considering functionalism and form to be the most important elements, while strongly rejecting decorative, unnecessary elements.
Logo finalization
Sebastian approached his work on our logo very methodically, maintaining full creativity. Before presenting his design, he made sure to understand the industry in which we operate and the values we offer to our clients. He proposed appropriate colours and provided a design that fits very well with the nature of our business.
Wojciech Olszenka CEO