The TEN collection is a creative project promoting digital art, in which 10 world-famous digital artists took part. An international creative competition inspired by this project was won by Sebastian.
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Fotolia TEN
A prestigious event attended by 1,260 graphic designers from the “digital art” field from all over the world. Following his victory, Sebastian’s work was published in a wide variety of international trade media. In addition to the advertising campaign, the design was also presented in three independent graphic magazines: Polish “Computer Arts” and “Practical Photoshop” and German “Foto Hits”.
Publications and awards
  • Live interview in TV Polsat Newws
  • Honorary mention in Digital Vision
  • Honorary mention in Computer Arts (PL)
  • Article in Computer Arts (PL)
  • Honorary Mention and Interview in Practical Photoshop (PL)
  • Article and honorary mention in Foto Hits (Ger)
  • Comprehensive workshop on “Journey” at
  • Articles on the following websites: Onet, WP, Gazeta, Computer Arts, Brief (...)
  • A multitude of local media articles
Sebastian turned out to be the most creative person who participated in the competition [...] For me it very personally satisfying that
the competition was won by a Pole
Beata Jaroszewska Fotolia's CEO